Home Economics

Junior Cycle:

Junior Cycle Home Economics is studied through three strands: Food, Health and Culinary Skills; Responsible Family Living; and, Textiles and Craft. It is a subject that teaches students to care for themselves, their families, society and the environment through sustainable practices. It is assessed through a final exam during their Junior Cycle exams worth 50% and a cookery practical exam worth 50%.

Leaving Certificate:

Leaving Certificate Home Economics equips students with skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for managing their own lives, for further and higher education and the world of work. It is a varied curriculum that includes topics such as Nutrition, Consumer studies, Textile care and design, Social Studies and Home Management. Home Economics is assessed at both Higher and Ordinary levels. Students sit a final exam in during their Leaving Certificate worth 80% of their overall grade. The remaining 20% in completed in 5th year when students will complete Food Studies Journals issued by the SEC.