BT Young Scientist 2018

The BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition is an amazing experience for not only students but teachers and the public. Students from TY and Science Club were given the opportunity to enter this wonderful competition; luckily two groups were successful in their submission to display their projects at the RDS in January. The first group was from TY composed of three students: Edwin Reynolds, Luke McNamara and Anastasia Ivanova-Brujeva. Their Project entitled: Common Misconceptions about Autism among Students. This project was based on the misconceptions of Autism within secondary schools, the students plan to identify key misconceptions about Autism among secondary school students to see if the general student populace is informed on the condition itself. The second group were from 2nd year, the group was composed of: Eryk Adamczyk, Conan Harrison Quility, and Tadhg Sheehan. Their project entitled: To investigate the effects of mobile phones on academic performance. These students hope to identify whether phone usage effect students studying or impact their grades. Additionally, the students in both groups will be analysing results from both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

This exhibition allows students to grow and develop a real passion for science and the ability for them to think for themselves along with developing a curiosity about the world around them. It also builds their confidence in presenting as they learn how to articulate their ideas as they need to explain their project to judges. This hands-on approach to science can benefit students and help them in all areas of their learning and life. This experience was available to our students thanks to our sponsors from Quality Recycling, Derry. Without their help this would not have been possible.