Junior Certificate Schools Programme (J.C.S.P.)

The JCSP Programme is a national programme sponsored by the DES and National Council for Curriculum and Assessment. It supplements the current Junior Cert Programme and is based on the concept that all young people are capable of success.

The JCSP programme creates many opportunities for students to experience success and it supports positive self-esteem.

On completion of the programme students receive a profile which is a record of their success and achievement from the DES.

JCSP main focus is the support of numeracy and literacy. Students will develop academically, socially and personally. Students will develop confidence and motivation to improve participation and performance levels.

During this academic year our students are involved in the following initiatives: Handheld Gaming Device where maths software will be purchased to support numeracy development, Celebrity Chef where the school will link with a celebrity chef, Reading Corner where a books on a variety of topics targeting a range of reading levels will be purchased, Science and Metalwork where creative approaches to the teaching of these subjects will be developed.